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Growth Farms specialises in agriculture. We focus on what we know, we do it well and we don't get distracted. Our underlying philosophy is to find good value. This is often achieved via market anomalies due to perceptions, short term issues such as seasons or prices, land use change and potential for productivity gains.

The four key areas of expertise are:

Advising on Strategy

Key questions we assist with, usually prior to investors making decisions, include:


Over the last three years Growth Farms has been involved in the acquisition of over AU$200M of agricultural land on behalf of clients. Each acquisition undergoes thorough due diligence including preparation of business plans, assessment of risks and recommended structuring of the operations. At all times in this process we act only for the client and remain completely independent. Our aim is always to achieve the best possible value for the client.


Growth Farms takes on the responsibility of management for new acquisitions as well as for existing investors/farm owners who require professional management. Generally this involves responsibility for setting the strategy, in conjunction with the client, then implementing it to ensure the best possible results over the long term. Investors can be involved to a varying extent but we always work with the client on the strategic issues.

The range of services include staff recruitment and management, establishing the operations and ensuring they are always done well, financial management and management of risks such as WH&S. Analysis of our track record shows Growth Farms outperform the industry.Unlike many management companies, a substantial component of Growth Farms' remuneration is tied closely to the performance of the farm business through a profit share arrangement.

Advisory Services

Growth Farms provides a general advisory service for a range of clients. These are general one off reports/projects which cover a wide range of areas such as business reviews, recommendations and analysis of specific technical issues, with a strong focus on opportunities that have short term and substantial economic significance.

As our services are tailored to meet the needs of each individual investor, you are welcome to contact us for further discussion.



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